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The beginning of each season is a good time to make changes in home decoration. In the meantime, summer has a special place due to the longer day and warmer weather. As the beginning of this fascinating season is near, in today’s article, collage maker, we will share some interesting ideas for summer decoration with you. These ideas will help you to create the warmth and feeling of summer in your home. Stay tuned for more on this.

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Before addressing these ideas, we should mention that you do not need to change all the elements or spend a lot of money to make changes in the interior decoration. Sometimes a few simple steps can create an attractive environment. The ideas that you will see in today’s article are from these simple and quick changes that will have a great impact on creating decoration changes.

1- Pay attention to the design of the yard and the outside space of your home

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year for outdoor activities. Many family and friendly parties can also be held outdoors. So it is not bad to go to the backyard of your house and prepare it for summer. If you do not have a yard, you can prepare for summer by making changes in the balcony of your apartment. Create a space to sit by buying a set of wicker or wooden tables and chairs. Use a few colorful vases to create more color and greenery for summer decoration.

Complete this attractive summer decoration by creating proper lighting in the outdoor space. In this way, even on summer nights, you can enjoy the pleasant weather outside.

2- Order a new flat cover

One of the key points to have a summer decoration is to use patterned fabrics and bright colors.

Changing bed covers or bedding sets can make a quick and dramatic change in bedroom décor . To make this change, use light and suitable fabrics for summer, such as linen and linen. Bright and soothing colors like blue and green are good options for a bed cover to have a summer decoration.

3- Use wall sconces and summer handicrafts

By changing and changing a few small devices, you can welcome the summer season. Many boho furniture and handicrafts and beach style elements are appropriate for this season. Natural fibers and colors such as fringed wall hangings or items made of hemp can be smart choices for summer decoration of any space. Installing and hanging a few macro and hemp wall hangings on the walls will create a summery, comfortable and intimate feeling in the interior spaces.

4. Turn on the corners of the house

If there are light and dark corners in your house, it is not bad to go there at the beginning of summer. Disappointing corners can be turned into a cozy place to study and relax with the help of a lampshade, decorative lights or even a few candles.

5- Add summer accessories to different parts of the house

One of the best and simplest ways to change the decoration is to change the accessories and decorative accessories. Create a beach atmosphere in the living room by replacing winter wool cushions with a few cushions with bright colors and thin fabrics.

The use of natural flowers in home decoration as well as light-colored dishes are also summer accessories that can be purchased at a low cost.

Turn one of the living room walls into a photo gallery. To do this, collect photos of your travels, place them in bright frames and mount them on the wall. Traditional frames, murals and mirrors will also be attractive ideas for summer decoration.

Another thing that can change in creating summer decoration are curtains. Replace thick and heavy curtains with thin and light ones. In addition to creating a visual light, this will allow more natural light to enter.

The same is true of carpets. The use of small rugs and colorful kilims will make the spaces more pleasant. Therefore, it is better to replace large carpets with smaller rugs.

6- Make a difference in the summer color palette of your home

Summer color palettes are usually full of bright, natural and cool colors such as blue, green, cream and white. Interior designers use several different and appropriate colors next to them to prevent the color palette from becoming uniform. Adding a few orange cushions to gray or light blue furniture or using a special and colorful wallpaper in a neutral space or installing a shiny metal chandelier are examples of these color palettes.

In general, creating a summer decoration largely depends on the personal taste of people in choosing colors and designs. The common points of the decoration of this lovely season are, in short, attention to the design of the yard and the combination of inside and outside the building, appropriate lighting and the use of light and cool fabrics and bright colors.

What methods do you use to create summer decoration in your home?

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