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Survival horror games have always had a different appeal to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been fascinated by watching documentaries of people like Bear Grylls or Ed Stafford who entered a forest empty-handed and lived in it for a week. The game Sons of the Forest is a continuation of Forest, which was released a few years ago. During these years, there were other games such as Stranded Deep and Green Hell that tried to expand the successful formula that Forest had introduced and they almost got what they wanted. But could Sons of the Forest reach what users expected?

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A report has been published that a billionaire is missing on a mysterious island. A team of special forces is assigned to enter the island by helicopter to find this billionaire and his family. Things don’t go well and after a heartbreaking accident some of the rescue team members lose their lives. You survive with Kelvin (who lost his hearing in the accident) and try to complete your mission. You will soon realize that you are not alone on this island, and in addition to cannibal tribes, there are other humans on this island. Now the main question here is what happened to the introduced billionaire family and what experiments have humans been doing on this island?

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Compared to Forest and even other survival/horror games, Sons of the Forest has a deeper and more mysterious story. Over time and by finding different files and letters, you will understand the story of the game and step by step the story and what is happening will become more interesting to you. There are certain points on the map that are usually caves or shelters made by humans. By entering these specific places, in addition to the details of the game’s story, you will also get special tools and equipment that are necessary to survive in the game and complete it.

Among all the other games, Sons of the Forest has implemented the core of a survival/horror game in the best possible way. The game environment is large, and thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence intended for Kelvin or the cannibal tribes, the game will not be monotonous and boring. Since Kelvin has lost his hearing, the only way you can communicate with him is to write down what you want him to do on a notepad. If you tell him to bring wood, he will eventually come to you with logs. It can fish for you, find food, build or follow you very quietly and warn you with a finger if it sees a cannibal.

More than any other game in Sons of the Forest, I felt that the NPCs, or indeed the cannibal tribes, were alive. When you kill someone from a group, usually the other members come over and cry for their loss. If you injure them, they will scream and try not to kill them. You can warn them not to come near you by putting the head of one of them on a spear or become friends with them at all and have good relations!

Sons of the Forest is really beautiful. When you set the game’s graphic settings to the highest setting, you will be surprised to see some scenery. Seasonal changes and the freezing of lake water in winter also make the game environment give you the feeling of being alive. On the other hand, the co-op game system is also well implemented and allows you to enjoy the Sons of the Forest experience with your friends without any trouble or nerves. Unlike other games with a similar style, the survival elements in Sons of the Forest are weaker and more efforts are made to make the game more successful in instilling a sense of fear. Something that has almost reached it and sometimes you will definitely come across scenes that shock you.

I told you all the positive points about Sons of the Forest to get to those events and issues that are not pleasant in the game. Of course, don’t forget that the game is still in the Early Access stage and it is likely that many of the problems of the current version will be solved with the next updates. What makes finishing Sons of the Forest so frustrating in its current version is its ending. The game ends so weak and strange that maybe it would be better if they didn’t put the final cutscene in the game for now! Characters you don’t know appear and things happen that have no explanation. In the end, you don’t know what happened, but you are faced with two options, leave the island or stay? The difference between these two choices is the cutscene you see at the end. I hope that in the final version we will see a better story and of course a more understandable ending of the game.

I mentioned above that the game has the best possible core, but it is clear that its creators took little time to implement all the ideas and released this version of Sons of the Forest. Your backpack in Sons of the Forest has the capacity of a large closet. A closet that is often full of different items and objects. You never need to search for a specific item, and there are no specific items to make better things in the game. This issue makes slow digging in the large environment of Sons of the Forest not have a significant output and eventually you will stop doing this.

The presence of specific points to visit them gives the game a linear theme. Some of the items you find in these places are not useful at all and you can easily skip them. You will get some of them exactly a quarter before finishing the game, and why would you need them at all? The elements of survival in Sons of the Forest are extremely weak. Especially compared to Green Hell, which tried to make life in the forest hell for you with a strange attention to detail.

For example, in Green Hell you have to boil the drinking water, be careful of snakes and scorpions, be careful of leeches when you swim in the water, and be careful of various diseases and of course the attack of wild animals like tigers. None of these elements are present in Sons of the Forest. Food is abundant, you can drink any water, you don’t even need to build and choose a camp (the process of building it is best embedded in the game) and you can be constantly moving. Game animals are also few and none of them have the ability to harm you.

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The non-dangerousness of the environment is another issue that spoils the experience of Sons of the Forest. You can easily ignore the presence of cannibals or run past them. What’s the danger when you have a firearm and they just attack with an axe? On the other hand, the big environment of the game is completely empty except for certain points related to the story. You might find some strange spots like mass graves, but in the end you won’t get anything special from them.

Overall, Sons of the Forest currently shows a lot of untapped potential. The fact that after all this time the game was released with Early Access mode and it is so incomplete is another matter. The experience of Sons of the Forest is certainly not without grace, but I hope that with the resolution of the existing problems and the release of numerous updates, we will see the resolution of these problems and the improvement of the game experience.

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