How to hack Kahoot? Kahoot Hack – Auto-reply scripts to unblock and work

Lettuce has become very popular in recent times. This unique game-based learning platform allows teachers to create quizzes for their students. However, some students are always looking to hack Kahoot to cause problems in their classroom. If you are one of them, this post will catch your attention.

Here, I will work with you on all Kahoot hacks and step by step instructions on how they work . So if you are a student, you can have some fun with that strict teacher. And if you are a teacher, you can learn how to block spam.

What is Kahut!

Lettuce is a top-ranked game-based learning platform. Schools and other educational institutions use it extensively to organize competitions Competition for their students Students and teachers can access it by mobile application or internet browser. Kahoot ! Works on the concept of gamification. Turns everyday tasks such as lectures and class activities into competitions.

Students can interact with other students in the classroom using “pins” and even win exciting prizes . With schools closed due to Quaid-19 quarantine, more teachers are using it to teach their students. Kahoot ! It has now reached more than 70 million unique users . The platform is rapidly gaining popularity as a credible source of learning.

Is it possible to hack the priesthood?

None of the websites or programs on the Internet are safe from hackers. A skilled hacker can go through any security protocol in minutes. Kahoot ! It does not matter, however, the developers claim that it is safe and secure. However, the reality is a little different. Hacking the priesthood is quite possible , and it has become a fun activity for some notorious students.

Students do not hack their own divination  but use scripts, extensions, and websites created by hackers and moderators on the Internet. Hacks range from sending spam to a race with irrelevant traffic to infinite points. There are several types of Kahoot hacks on the web. Unfortunately, they are not easily accessible to anyone.

How to hack Kahoot?

Priestly written in JavaScript it is possible to bypass its security protocols and exploit existing bugs. However, not everything possible can be achieved by anyone . Therefore, for those who do not know the basics of hacking, they can not make the idea of ​​hacking the priesthood a reality. And for those who know them, one post will not be enough to teach them the steps.

That’s why I’ll give you the tools available to hackers on the web that can help you hack Kahoot. You can use these tools to launch a specific action in each Kahoot match. I will also share some simple cheats found by Kahoot users along with the tool. These will help you to race in the race and have fun.

Simple cheats

Before we get into the hacks, here are some simple Kahoot cheats. You can use them when you are not ready for the exam or have little fun with the teacher. However, never rely on cheating to pass the necessary test.

  • Use Kahoot! Open two taps in a browser. Start the game on one tab and open Kahoot on the other side. Log in to a spare account and find the package that the competition is working on. Once found, you will receive all the answers.
  • Ask your friend to share a screenshot of the answers when he or she finished the exam and when there was time to review the answers.
  • Sometimes the answer is shown on the board. Make sure you are alert
  • Call the smart kid in your class and ask them to help you answer.
  • Find the game of divination before class, practice it with a friend, and write down all the answers.

That is, these are frauds that are not illegal but immoral.

Kahoot Hack Chrome Extensions that really work

Chrome extensions are available in the Chrome Web Store for the sole purpose of hacking. You can add them to Chrome on your computer. After that, you have to activate them while participating in the Kahoot race and they will do the work for you.

Note: You must have access to Kahoot! On its website, “” will not work with Chrome extensions using the Kahoot app.

I list the best Chrome extensions for hacking Kahoot here.

1. Kahoot AutoReply Hack : This is a multi-purpose extension to exploit bugs in Kahoot code. Students use it to get the correct answers automatically in Kahoot. These include auto-reply, change the number of points per question, intentional failure, and preview questions.

2. Kahout Flooder : This plugin fills the website with random bots to confuse the teacher. The robots also send multiple answers to the questions in the contest. With this tool, you can spam the Kahoot class to get any real player in trouble.

3. Keys : This is not a hack, but a fashion that many users do not consider immoral. Allows you to use the first four keys of the keyboard number to press the buttons of the Priesthood website. You do not have to rely on your mouse and you can work faster than anyone else.

4. Invisible Kahoot Name : This extension makes your name in Kahoot invisible to others. You must enable it in Kahoot and your name will be displayed blank.

These are all Chrome extensions that let you hack Kahoot.

Websites and scripts to hack Kahoot

Smart kids who have a basic knowledge of PC bypassing websites like “” to use Kahoot scripts. Such websites turn Hacking into a childish game. I’ll list some websites here and what they can do.

1. Kahoot Ninja : The most popular hack is Kahoot. This website offers two types of hacks: bot spam and autoresponder. You can select the feature you want.

2. Priesthood Rocks : This hack lets you bypass the username. You can use this to appear in the test, but your grades and answers will not be recorded.

3. Win the Priest : This hack makes you win every Priest game. You must play this game by entering user information on this website and you will be declared the winner after the end of the game.

4. Mem Rip / Kahoot : This is another Kahoot virus hack that has many features. Highlights include Winning Fake, Auto Answer, Robot Spam, and Preview Questions.

5. : A complete set of tools for manipulating the official priesthood website. You will find several command line tools and a Go package for other Go applications to interact with.

How to use these websites is simple. You must enter your Kahoot username and PIN to play . After entering them, run the script to launch the command

How to block spammers from Kahoot hack?

Children often do things but do not know their purpose. This is a case of rapidly increasing Kahoot hacking. For example, some generous kids start sharing their Kahoot game pins on Reddit to get the game flowing, and this effort soon becomes a game-breaking experience. Teachers must take special measures to prevent such situations

They should make sure that all students use Kahoot in the latest version of the app . They can enlist the help of a guardian. Hacking Kahoot is almost impossible for kids, but they can easily bypass the website security protocols. Also, teachers and students should never use third-party websites like Kahoot .

If the tests are done at school, teachers can block all of the above websites and extensions . These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to protect your child’s future.

Final verdict

Priesthood hacking has become a student game to harass teachers and colleagues. This is made possible by easily accessible Kahoot hacks. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. If you are a teacher, I strongly recommend that you make sure that students do not try them. And if you are a student, I advise you not to cheat on any exams.

Tests are taken to assess your knowledge. This will further help you progress. Therefore, it is better to always be honest. That’s all for this post. I hope you find it useful.

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