megan fox thumbs . What is up with Megan Fox’s thumb?

Although many people, due to a congenital lack of appearance, in fact, with the right approach, can make them their own “privacy”. Contrary to popular belief, such flaws do not always hinder professional work or modeling, and many celebrities continue to drive their fans crazy, despite their flawed appearance.

One of the most prominent examples of stars with congenital cosmetic defects is American actress and Superman Megan Fox. This girl has an unusually bright and beautiful appearance and has been repeatedly recognized as the sexiest woman on the planet.

Although the fans are ready to do anything, just spend at least one night with Megan Fox, she does not consider her daughter to be beautiful. Megan was born with a congenital malformation of her fingers and it looks like a real scar in its appearance.

What are megan fox thumbs?

The future actress and model was born with an inherited defect called in medical terms “brachydactyly”. Residents often call this problem short-toed, because it is characterized by shortening of one or more fingers or toes due to the lack or lack of development of specific phalanges.

That’s why Megan Fox has a short thumb. In connection with congenital malformations of development, they not only grow more slowly than others, but also have infertile nail plates, which strongly cause the emergence of cosmetic abnormalities and express emotional distress. Fortunately, this pathology only touched the big toes in a beautiful woman’s hand – the toes in Megan Fox are normal in size, and the star is not complicated about these intricacies.

Did megan fox make thumbs?

All fans are accustomed to the ugly big fingers of Megan Fox, who were very surprised when in 2010 they saw a Motorola with the participation of their favorite actor. In this video, a naked star is placed in the bathroom with a floor and has a smartphone in her right hand.

Viewers immediately noticed that the fingers are perfectly normal in Megane ads and there is no flaw in the beauty. At that time, the mysterious changes were discussed by all known tabloids, who eventually realized that the girl had not performed any operation and that her finger had been “enlarged” with the help of special effects.

As it turned out, Megan had asked herself to correct the “lack of appearance.” It is he who is so complex because of his innate qualities and he prefers to always hide him from the dazzling eye.

Anyway, the famous husband, American actor, Brown Austin Green really likes the fact that his wife is weird. The man thinks that Megan Fox’s sixty finger is his unique feature that distinguishes the girl from the crowd and does not ruin her appearance in any way.

Defects in fragrance also hindered the way of acting to achieve family happiness. Although the relationship between Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green is not always smooth, they are still leading a married life and are currently expecting their third child together.

What is up with Megan Fox’s thumb?

During the close-ups of Megan texting, it is actually another actress’s hands. The advertisers chose to use a thumb-double because Megan has brachydactyly, a genetic condition that causes her thumbs to be shortened, also known as “toe thumb” or “clubbed thumb” because of the stubby appearance.

How did Megan Fox lose her thumb?

Turns out the shape of her thumbs is due to a condition called brachydactyly, an inherited condition caused by unusually short bones, according to Health Line. The obvious and most common symptoms of the condition are shortened fingers and toes, which other family members are likely to have, too