How to Build a Platform in Voidtrain

Understanding Platforms in Voidtrain Platforms are essential structures in Voidtrain that allow players to navigate the treacherous landscape and build structures to protect themselves. They are also crucial for gathering resources and completing quests. Gathering Resources for Platform Building Before you can start building platforms, you will need to gather the necessary resources. The primary… Continue reading How to Build a Platform in Voidtrain

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Is Unpacking a Mobile Game? Here’s What You Need to Know

Unpacking: A Popular Indie Game Unpacking is a popular indie game developed by Wren Brier and published by Humble Games. It is a unique experience that has gained a following among gamers around the world. Unpacking Availability Currently, Unpacking is only available for PC and Mac. The game can be purchased and downloaded through popular… Continue reading Is Unpacking a Mobile Game? Here’s What You Need to Know

unpacking game free download android

Download Unpacking v1.3 game for PC – GOG version The Unpacking game is a mental and very interesting experience that revolves around finding different objects from inside the boxes. You have to put them in their new box and solve the puzzles of the game. Some of the puzzles are related to blocks whose location is easier… Continue reading unpacking game free download android

unpacking game walkthrough

Whether playing Unpacking on Xbox Game Pass, PC, or Switch, players will need to get through 2012 to get to her later years. In order to complete this level successfully, players should keep in mind what the narrator just went through. She has a broken heart and is moving back into her childhood bedroom with her parents… Continue reading unpacking game walkthrough

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unpacking achievements

It’s been an exciting few weeks since we last sent out a newsletter, and in the interim we’ve won three awards! We’re bowled over and completely honored to have won Outstanding Achievement for an Independent Game at the D.I.C.E. Awards, Indie Game of the Year at the NME Awards, and Matthew Crump Cultural Innovation at the SXSW Gaming Awards! What is the purple thing… Continue reading unpacking achievements